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 Commercial Soft Washing 
Low-Pressure Exterior 
Building Cleaning and 
Sanitization Solutions 
For Workforce Campuses, 
Hotels, Hospital Facilities, 
Government Offices, and 
Commercial Buildings in 
San Francisco Bay Area 

Providing Certified Soft Washing Low-Pressure Exterior Building Cleaning and Specialized Sanitization Solutions for Workforce-Campuses, Hotels, Hospitals, Medical-Facilities, Government Offices, and Commercial Buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Our commercial soft wash low-pressure exterior building cleaning and disinfectant sanitization solutions in the San Francisco Bay Area are designed to provide numerous benefits and cater to various types of commercial and industrial properties. These include workforce campuses, high-rise office buildings, government properties, malls, hotels, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and many other commercial buildings.


Here are some of the benefits of our commercial soft washing low-pressure exterior cleaning and disinfectant sanitization solutions in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Healthier environment: Mold, moss, mildew, bacteria, viruses such as COVID-19, and other contaminants can pose a threat to the health of people living or working on a property. Our soft washing low-pressure exterior cleaning sanitization services effectively eliminate these bacterial hazards, resulting in a healthier environment for residents, employees, and visitors.

  • Cost-effective: Soft-washing exterior cleaning and maintenance can prevent costly repairs and replacements, making the soft-wash cleaning approach a cost-effective solution for property owners and management organizations.

  • Improved curb appeal: The first impression is crucial, and a clean and well-maintained exterior can significantly enhance the curb appeal of any property. Our commercial soft wash exterior cleaning and sanitization solutions remove dirt, grime, mold, mildew, fungus, and other stains from surfaces, making them look new and attractive.

  • Protection of property: Soft wash exterior cleaning help shield and protect the property from damage caused by contaminants such as; algae, mold, mildew, bacteria, lichens, and more. These substances weaken surfaces, leading to rot, decay, and other issues that may require costly repairs. By removing these contaminants, our soft-washing low-pressure exterior cleaning services extend the life of the property.

  • Increased property value: A clean and well-maintained property is more attractive to potential buyers or tenants, leading to increased property value. By investing in our soft washing low-pressure exterior cleaning services, property owners can improve the property's marketability and increase its resale value.

  • Compliance: Some local regulations require property owners to maintain clean exteriors. With soft wash low-pressure exterior cleaning, property owners and management companies can ensure compliance with these regulations and avoid fines or penalties.

At Maxx ECO Wash, we understand that every commercial property has unique cleaning requirements and budget constraints. That's why we offer flexible scheduling and customizable cleaning packages to meet your specific needs. Get in touch with us today to receive your FREE quote and experience our top-notch soft-wash exterior cleaning for your property.

Professional Removal of Mold, Mildew, Algae, Bacteria, Fungus, Coronaviruses, and More. Commercial Soft Wash Low-Pressure Exterior Cleaning and Sanitization Services for Hotels, Workplace Campuses, Medical Facilities, Office Buildings, and Commercial Structures in San Francisco and in SF Bay Area, CA.


Hospital and Medical Facilities
Exterior Disinfectant Sanitization

Third-party, independent lab testing has verified that SoftWash Systems' soft washing method sanitizes your property up to 99.8%.


Office and Government
Exterior Building Cleaning

Maxx ECO Wash is certified, qualified, and undergoes third-party background checks to ensure your security and confidence.


Hotel and Lodging
Exterior Cleaning and Sanitization

Soft washing is a better alternative to pressure washing as it safeguards the surfaces of your property, resulting in longer-lasting surfaces.

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