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Roof Restoration
and Exterior
Soft Pressure Washing
Cleaning Solutions 
SF Bay Area

Exterior Soft Washing Services in the San Francisco Bay Area

Maxx ECO Wash is proud to be among one of the first in the state of California and the San Francisco Bay Area to introduce state-of-the art soft wash technology and be certified by Soft Wash Systems.

What is Soft Washing?

Soft Washing is a more Sustainable Alternative to traditional pressure washing for cleaning the roof and exterior surfaces. Soft Washing utilizes low-pressure spray application and specially designed Eco-Friendly, Water-based, and Biodegradable cleaning solutions. They emulsify dirt and grime, as well as protect from and eliminate moss, mold, mildew, algae, fungus, bacteria, and other contaminants that may be present on the exterior surface. Soft Washing uses only 1/3 the water of pressure washing, the treatment lasts 4x - 6x longer, and the delicate cleaning doesn’t erode or damage the surface like power washing often can.

  • Low-pressure with high cleaning power

  • More effective than pressure washing

  • ECO-Friendly (Uses 66% Less Water)

  • Completely sanitizes the surface

  • Safeguards from mold exposure

  • Increases longevity of your property

  • Boosts curb appeal of your home

  • Protects coatings and surface detail

  • Recommended roof cleaning method by The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA)

Residential, Commercial, and Business Exterior Cleaning


Residential Soft Pressure Washing Exterior Cleaning Services

  • Roof soft washing

  • Removal of moss, mildew, and algae

  • Home exterior restoration

  • House exterior soft washing

  • Siding soft pressure washing

  • Window soft washing

  • Gutter cleaning and debris removal

  • Paver soft pressure washing

  • Walkway soft pressure washing

  • Brick and tile cleaning

  • Patio cleaning and soft pressure washing

  • Solar panel cleaning and soft washing

  • Residential home exterior moss, mold, mildew, algae, lichen, and bacteria removal and cleaning

  • Roof cleaning types: Concrete Tile, Shingle, Slate, Metal, Wood Shake, Barrel Tile, Spanish Tile, and many more roof types not listed.

Commercial Soft Pressure Washing Exterior Cleaning Services

  • Commercial roof cleaning

  • Commercial exterior building restoration

  • Commercial exterior soft washing

  • Commercial property exterior washing

  • Commercial exterior siding cleaning

  • Commercial window cleaning

  • Industrial building soft pressure washing

  • Sanitization exterior surface cleaning

  • Cannabis farm indoor soft washing

  • Commercial solar panel washing

  • Commercial bleach exterior cleaning

  • Sodium hypochlorite exterior treatment

  • Commercial building cleaning and removal of moss, mold, mildew, algae, fungus, lichen, and bacteria.

  • Siding cleaning types: Vinyl, Wood, Aluminum, Hardie Plank Siding, and many more exterior sidings not listed.

Business and Community Soft Pressure Exterior Cleaning Services

  • Business property exterior cleaning

  • Commercial property maintenance

  • Apartment complex exterior cleaning

  • Multi-building soft pressure washing

  • HOA association exterior cleaning

  • Public & private school exterior cleaning

  • Sports venue and stadium cleaning

  • Public area cleaning and sanitization

  • Graffiti removal

  • Municipal building soft-pressure cleaning

  • Public street sanitization and cleaning

  • Sodium hypochlorite exterior sanitization

  • Business community structure exterior moss, mold, mildew, algae, lichen, bacteria cleaning, and sanitization 

  • Surface cleaning types: Stucco, Dryvit, EIFS, and many more surfaces not listed.

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